Ben's face to face courses for social housing workers

Ben Reeve Lewis

All these courses are delivered by Ben Reeve Lewis

“Great to have a trainer who actually knows how we work and who talks our language”
Jan, Housing leasehold worker Hampshire

B1 – Frontline Housing advice.

Key skills for dealing with a range of housing law issues for tenants and landlords, from security of tenure to eviction procedures.

B2 Harassment and Illegal Eviction

Learn the tenancy relations function for dealing with disputes between landlords and tenants in the private rental sector. Tools and techniques of the trade.

B3  Dealing with difficult customers

Learn advanced communication skills for managing aggressive situations and challenging customers.

B4 Mediation and negotiation skills for housing workers.

A useful course for staff needing to create action plans for anti-social behaviour or reduce rent arrears through good communication skills.

B5 Homelessness investigations.

Essential skills and knowledge for homelessness case workers who need to explore the topic in more depth.

B6 An introduction to Homelessness,

A guide to the statute and case laws involved in homelessness applications for those who need to know more about how this complex area works

B7 Homelessness Prevention.

A housing law course teaching tips and tricks where legal knowledge can be used to prevent homelessness and sustain tenancies

B8 Possession proceedings for housing officers.

A must for all housing management staff who get involved with the eviction of tenants, from serving notices and standing up in court to changing locks

B9  Writing a watertight Section 184 letter

An essential skill for housing workers in homelessness units – leaky 184 letters will end up costing your department money!

B10 Homelessness suitability workshop

Helping you to come to terms with the challenges and opportunities of the new homelessness suitability order

About our face to face courses.

All our courses are designed and delivered by people who have either spent most of their lives delivering a range of frontline services in housing or who are trained and renowned housing lawyers. Emphasis is on accessibility and practicality because we know that what the law says and what goes on in the real world of the Frontliner isn’t always the same thing. Case studies are used throughout to illustrate learning points and delegates are encouraged to bring questions about their own cases to the course if they wish. We don’t need to use role play to deliver our courses

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“I have booked Ben to deliver loads of our courses because he makes law easy to understand for the staff”
Heather, Housing Services Manager Wiltshire

Easy Law Training

About Ben Reeve-Lewis

Experienced trainer with CIH and Shelter, and a Council TRO, Ben is a Director of Easy Law Training Ltd, and a published author on housing, Guardian journo, occasional TV & Radio. Find him on Google

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