Sue Lukes’ face to face training for social housing workers

Sue LukesSue Lukes is a well known expert on immigration, equalities and service provision and we are delighted to be able to offer these two courses.


S1 Immigration & Housing – Eligibility for homelessness & Allocations teams

A comprehensive course on this complex subject.

S2 Eligibility workshop update – 4 hours

Keeping you up to date on eligibility issues.

About the face to face courses.

All our courses are designed and delivered by people who have either spent most of their lives delivering a range of frontline services in housing or who are trained and renowned housing lawyers.

Emphasis is on accessibility and practicality because we know that what the law says and what goes on in the real world of the Frontliner isn’t always the same thing. Sue uses practical examples throughout her courses to illustrate learning points and delegates are encouraged to bring questions about their own cases to the course if they wish.

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Easy Law Training

About Sue Lukes

Sue is a well-known specialist in migration, equalities and service provision especially local services, advice and community development.

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