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New laws are on their way and you need to know about them!  So we have developed this online training course, especially for you


Easy to use and easy to learn, this course will bring you up to date and ready for the challenges to come...

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  • At your computer desk in the office or at home, or
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But why not see for yourself?

Below are extracts from the course videos so you can see just how how useful this course will be for you.  Indeed you will learn a lot just from the videos on this page!

David Smith on the Deregulation Act 2015 & s21

David Smith explains the important changes coming to section 21 with the Deregulation Act 2015.

All landlords need to know this

Warren Spencer talking about fire safety

Fire safety is enormously important for landlords and the courts are imposing increasingly heavier fines. In this clip fire safety expert solicitor, Warren Spencer, discusses who will be prosecuted if a property is not compliant

Mike Morgan on Tenancy Deposit Adjudication

Why do so many landlords lose at adjudication?  Experienced adjudicator, Mike Morgan explains how it all works, the mistakes people make and what you need to do to win

David Smith talking about the Housing (Wales) Act 2014

This is primarily for Welsh readers.  Housing law in Wales is changing dramatically and you need to know about it! Or face prosecution and fines.

English viewers may also be interested as similar rules could come to England eventually.

Paul Shamplina on Problem Tenants

Eviction expert Paul Shamplina and Landlord Action MD, discusses what landlords need to do to avoid problem tenants in their properties...

Sam Madge-Wyld talking about Utilities

Housing Barrister Sam Madge Wyld takes a look at laws relating to Utilities, including forthcoming changes, and explains why these are so important

Tessa Shepperson on the new deposit rules

The tenancy deposit rules have changed yet again.  Tessa explains this, and how the new rules work, in her review of legal changes over the past year, at the recent Cambridge Conference.

David Smith talking about HMOs

As it is likely that HMO licensing will be expanded, we have included all David's conference talks on HMOs. Many properties are actually HMO properties without the landlord ever being aware of this - but you need to know about this AND about the HMO regulations if you are to avoid prosecution.

Here we have 5 minutes from Davids Conference talk in 2015.

Check out the course content:

The course is divided into four parts as follows:

  • 1

    Videos - Law & Updates

    This consists of 9 videos on various legal topics to inform you and bring you up to date. Topics include tenancy agreements, repairing obligations, damp and mould, section 21 & the Deregulation Act 2015, fire safety, and dealing with problem tenants and eviction.

  • 2

    Vidoes - Law in Wales

    This area is specifically for our Welsh users and includes talks from our recent Conference in Wales on the new legislation coming.

  • 3

    David Smith on HMOs

    Solicitor David Smith is an expert on HMO law and indeed much of his legal practice consists of defending landlords against prosecution under the HMO regulations. This section includes all three of the HMO talks he has done for the Landlord Law Conferences

  • 4

    HMO Legal Basics

    This is a detailed guide, originally published on the Landlord Law Blog, on HMO law and practice, written by David Smith and Tessa Shepperson

Focus on HMO Content:

David Cameron has indicated that HMO licensing is to be expanded and that they will be consulting on a new definition of a licensable HMO.  This will almost certainly increase the number of properties which will need to obtain a license.

It is therefore vitally important that you understand the HMO Regulations, and in particular, when a property is an HMO and when it is not.

Often people mistakenly think that because their property does not need a license, it is not an HMO.  This is totally wrong.

If you let to three or more people sharing, who are not family, it is almost certain that YOUR property will be an HMO (whether you are aware of this or not), meaning that you will need to comply with the regulations.  Or risk prosecution and a heavy fine.

This is why we have included ALL David Smiths HMO talks in this course and the HMO Basics blog series.  Even if you do not intend to rent HMOs - this material will help you find out how to avoid your property acquiring HMO status.

Landlords & Agents in WALES :

We have a separate section for Welsh users with videos on the new laws coming to Wales and also a video from David Smith on section 21 in Wales

You will also get the following Bonus course - free of charge

  • Sue Lukes on Right to Rent

    A half hour talk explaining the complex ‘right to rent’ rules from immigration expert Sue Lukes, from our April 2015 Conference.  This talk is currently available separately for £24 but when you join this course you will also get access to the Sue Lukes course at no extra charge.

100% 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If the course does not fit your needs, contact us within 14 days of purchase and we will cancel your membership and refund your money.

Here is a summary of  What you will get!...

  • 17 Training Videos

    From our Landlord Law Conferences.  Talks are between 25 and 45 minutes long and can be viewed on any computer device capable of viewing video.  See full video list below

  • Speakers notes & powerpoints

    All the speakers at our conferences provide notes.  Often very detailed notes.  These are available for you, along with the speakers powerpoints, in pdf format to read online or download to your computer.

  • Audio version

    Most of the talks will also have an audio version on the page.  You can either listen to this via the player on the page or download it to your own device so you can listen to it on your ipod or smart phone.

  • Five hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

    This will be available in a couple of weeks time.  The 4 hours CPD will be gained if you correctly answer 60% of a multiple choice quiz. Written CPD confirmation will be provided.  Extra 1 hour CPD available with the bonus talk.

  • 12 Part HMO Series

    Originally published on the Landlord Law Blog, this detailed guidance, written by David Smith and Tessa Shepperson, will help you understand the complex area of HMO law

  • Discount on Right to Rent talk

    You will also be entitled to get to Sue Lukes talk on Right to Rent at half price – ie £12 rather than the full price of £24.

The course is very easy to use with extensive linking between the various sections to make it easy for you to find the content.

You will get access to the course material for a period of 1 year.  The Easy Law Training Terms & Conditions apply (the link will open in a new window)

List of Videos Included:

  • Tessa Shepperson on Tenancy Agreements (2014)
  • Simon Parrott on Landlords' Repairing Obligations (2014)
  • Timothy Waitt on Damp and Mould (2014)
  • Tessa Shepperson - legal update (2015)
  • David Smith - Section 21 / Deregulation Act (2015)
  • Warren Spencer - Fire Safety (2015)
  • Sam Madge-Wyld - Utilities Regulations (2015)
  • Mike Morgan - Tenancy Deposit Adjudications (2015)
  • Paul Shamplina - Problem Tenants and Evictions (2015)
  • Professor Martin Partingon - Keynote Speech to Wales Conference (2015)
  • David Smith - the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 (2015)
  • Anne Rowland - the Implementation of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 (2015)
  • David Smith - Section 21 in Wales (2015)
  • Professor David Cowan - the Renting Homes Bill (2015)
  • David Smith on HMO's (2013)
  • David Smith on HMO's (2014)
  • David Smith on HMO's (2015)
  • Bonus Video - Sue Lukes on Right to Rent (2015)

Here are a few comments from people who attended the Conference event:

Very informative, good professional Speakers.  Every Landlord or Agent should attend.  The Conference suits both

Victoria Mellor

As always Landlord Law has given us another treat - informative, constructive & pragmatic advice.

Chris Oaks Surveyor

Excellent Speakers aimed at a professional audience which stimulated and promoted 'niggling' worries

Marion Money Landlord

An excellent day for both Landlord, agents & even local authority officers.

Linda Cobb DASH

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If you have a questions which is not answered here or elsewhere on this page, feel free to email Tessa Shepperson at tessa @

  • Q.Are the speakers legally qualified?

    A.All the speakers are Solicitors apart from Tessa Shepperson and Mike Morgan (who are former solicitors), Sam Madge-Wyld, Martin Partington & David Cowan (who are barristers), Paul Shamplina (who runs Landlord Action, the specialist eviction company) and Anne Rowland (who is an Environmental Health Officer and Government Official)

  • Q.Is the CPD recognised?

    A.Our CPD is recognised by most relevant organisations, including ARLA, London Landlords Accreditation, and the NLA.

  • Q.How can I be sure the videos will work on my device

    A.Our video hosting company, Wistia, format videos so they will play on different devices.  This is why we use them.  However if the videos do not work for you, you can always cancel within our 14 day guarantee period and get a full refund.

  • Q.How long do I get access to the course material?

    A.One year. But some of the material you can download to your computer and keep – the pdf notes and powerpoints, and the audio files.

  • Q.What if the payment system does not work for me?

    A.It is best to join via the online system as then you will be automatically joined up to the course.  However if you  have problems get in touch and we will see if you can pay some other way.

  • Q.How long will the course be available?

    A.The course will remain online until at least one year after the last person joins.

  • Q.How long are the videos

    A.The videos are all between 25 and 45 minutes long.

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